Aline Amérand

Assistant-Professor in physiology, Ph. D.

EA 4324 ORPHY, Département de biologie
UFR Sciences et Techniques,
Université Européenne de Bretagne, Université de Brest
6 avenue LE GORGEU, CS 93837,
29238 BREST cedex 3
Tel: +332.  fax: +332.


Scientific scope / competences:

Reactive oxygen species (ROS), energetic metabolism mitochondria, antioxidant-systems, lipoperoxidation index, fish, rat, ecophysiology,  hydrostatic pressure, training, individual performance

HPLC, Oxymetry, Spectrophotometry, Swim tunnel.


Partnership, financed research projects:

SFR ScInBios project: Determining of the origin of diaphragmatic fatigue during sepsis (2013 - project coordinator)

Climatic changes and physiological compromises (2009-2012)


Main publications:

Amérand, A., Mortelette, H., Belhomme, M., & Moisan, C. (2017). Silvering and swimming effects on aerobic metabolism and reactive oxygen species in the European eel. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology, 235, 4044. 

Farhat, F., Dupas, J., Amérand, A., Goanvec, C., Feray, A., Simon, B., Guegueniat, N., Moisan, C. (2015). Effect of exercise training on oxidative stress and mitochondrial function in rat heart and gastrocnemius muscle. Redox Report. DOI: 10.1179/1351000214Y.0000000105.

M. Dussauze, L. Camus, S. Le Floch, K. Pichavant-Rafini, P. Geraudie, N. Coquille, A. Amerand, P. Lemaire, And M. Theron (2014). Impact of Dispersed Fuel Oil on Cardiac Mitochondrial Function in Polar Cod Boreogadus Saida. Environmental Science and Pollution Ressearch Int.

Léon K, Moisan C, Amérand A, Poupon G, L'Her, E (2013), Effect of mild-induced hypothermia on cytokines and oxidative parameters during experimental acute sepsis, Redox Rep, 18(3) 120:126

Roze T, Christen F, Amérand A, Claireaux G (2013) Trade-off between thermal sensitivity, hypoxia tolerance and growth in fish, J therm biol, 38:98-106


Laboratoire ORPHY
UFR Sciences et Techniques, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

6 Av. Le Gorgeu  -  CS 93837
  29238 BREST Cedex 3   -   FRANCE

Directrice : C.MOISAN (+332.
Directrice adjointe: M-A.GIROUX-METGES(+332.