Christine Moisan

Professor in Physiology, Ph.D

Head of the laboratory ORPHY

EA 4324 ORPHY,
UFR Sciences et Techniques,
Université Européenne de Bretagne, Université de Brest
6 avenue LE GORGEU, CS 93837,
29238 BREST cedex 3
Tel: +332.  fax: +332.


Scientific scopes / competences

Effects of constraints (physical activity, high pressure, pathologies) on the interactions between reactive oxygen species and energy metabolism/exploration of oxidative stress, mitochondrial function, high performance liquid chromatography.


Main publications

FARHAT F,  AMERAND A, SIMON B,  GUEGUENIAT N, & MOISAN C. (2017).Gender-dependent differences of mitochondrial function and oxidative stress in rat skeletal muscle at rest and after exercise training. Redox Rep,

AMERAND, A., MORTELETTE, H., BELHOMME, M., & MOISAN, C. (2017). Silvering and swimming effects on aerobic metabolism and reactive oxygen species in the European eel. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology, 235, 4044.

FARHAT F, DUPAS J, AMERAND A, GOANVEC C, FERAY A, SIMON B, GUEGUENIAT N, MOISAN C (2015) Effect of exercise training on oxidative stress and mitochondrial function in rat heart and gastrocnemius muscle. Redox Rep,

LEON K, MOISAN C, AMERAND A, POUPON G, L’HER E (2013) Effect of mild-induced hypothermia on cytokines and oxidative parameters during experimental acute sepsis. Redox Rep, 18(3) 120:126


Laboratoire ORPHY
UFR Sciences et Techniques, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

6 Av. Le Gorgeu  -  CS 93837
  29238 BREST Cedex 3   -   FRANCE

Directrice : C.MOISAN (+332.
Directrice adjointe: M-A.GIROUX-METGES(+332.