Florine Tissier


Université de Brest-UFR Médecine et Sciences de la Santé

Laboratoire de physiologie ORPHY, site Médecine
22 av Camille Desmoulins, CS 93837,
29238 BREST cedex 3



Scientific scopes / skills

  • Physiology and animal physiopathology

  • Cardiovascular function, atherosclerosis, medical imaging, vasoreactivity

  • Study of the muscular contractility

  • Mitochondrial energetics, inflammatory parameters, apoptosis

  • Histology

  • Level 1 animal experimentation accreditation

  • Formation in experimental surgery in rodent


Partnership :

  • National veterinary school of Nantes

  • Cardiology, radiology and biochemistry teams, hospital of Brest

  • Rheology laboratory LIMATB EA4250, Brest

  • Laboratory of spectrometry and laser optics LSOL EA 938, Brest

  • Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution CEDRE, Brest


Participation in financed research project:

  • Région Bretagne project « Hemoxy-choc » : Evaluation of the effectiveness of the extracellular hemoglobin  from Arenicola marina as a substitute of hemoglobin in uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock in rat  model

  • UBO translational project « Modathex » : Model of spatio-temporal evolution of the atheromatic plaque and in virtuo experimentations of preventive treatments



  • TISSIER F., MALLEM Y., GOANVEC C., DIDIER R., AUBRY T., BOURGEOIS N., DESFONTIS J.-C., DUBREUIL M., LE GRAND Y., MANSOURATI J., PICHAVANT-RAFINI K., PLEE-GAUTIER E., ROQUEFORT P., THERON M., GILARD M., 2016. A non-hypocholesterolemic atorvastatin treatment improves vessel elasticity by acting on elastin composition in WHHL rabbits, Atherosclerosis. 251:70–77


  • TISSIER F.,DUSSAUZE M., LEFLOCH N., THERON M., LEMAIRE P., LE FLOCH S., PICHAVANT-RAFINI K., 2015. « Effects of dispersed crude oil on cardiac function in seabass Dicentrarchus labrax. Chemosphere 134:192-198


Laboratoire ORPHY
UFR Sciences et Techniques, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

6 Av. Le Gorgeu  -  CS 93837
  29238 BREST Cedex 3   -   FRANCE

Directrice : C.MOISAN (+332.
Directrice adjointe: M-A.GIROUX-METGES(+332.