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L'EA 4324  ORPHY (Optimisation des Régulations Physiologiques) étudie les mécanismes physiologiques participant ŕ l’optimisation des interactions organismes-milieu  Physiology Research Master  



ORPHY (EA4324) is a research unit in animal and human physiology. Located on two sites (UFR Sciences and Medicine), ORPHY is part of the Institute of health-agro-material (IBSAM) of the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO, Brest, France). The team studies cardiovascular and muscular adaptations, from cell to human in physiological and pathophysiological conditions. Clinical and fundamental approaches are used through in vivo and in vitro methodologies adapted to Health questions.

Director: Christine Moisan
Co-director: Marie-Agnès Giroux-Metges




30/01/2018 05:00 pm :

Cardiology department, CHRU Cavale Blanche

Romain DIDIER: Translational approach for detection, characterization and treatment of atheromatous plaque

David LUCAS : Impact of welding fumes on the vascular system

Recent publication

Lautridou J., Pichereau V., Artigaud S., Bernay B., Barak O., Hoiland R., Lovering AT., Eftedal I., Dujic Z. & Guerrero F (2017). Evolution of the plasma proteome of divers before and after a single SCUBA dive. PROTEOMICS - Clin Appl 1700016. doi: 10.1002/prca.201700016.


Current scientific events

Welcome to TEK Diving SAS !


ORPHY’s director, Christine Moisan, officially welcomes TEK Diving SAS in our laboratory in the presence of Emmanuel Dugrenot and Jérémy Kervella, the director and secretary of the society respectively. From left to right : E. Dugrenot, F. Guerrero,   A. Guernec, C. Moisan, J. Kervella

Since October, the 2nd 2017, ORPHY hosts TEK Diving SAS in its laboratory , a company born from the meeting between physiologists and divers.The goal of this partnership is to apply a different approach to diving, mainly during decompression, using personalized medicine.

In fine TEK Diving wishes to develop custom decompression algorithms taking into account the characteristics of each user, because too many decompression accidents still occur during dives considered as safe by current models.

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Laboratoire ORPHY
UFR Sciences et Techniques, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

6 Av. Le Gorgeu  -  CS 93837
  29238 BREST Cedex 3   -   FRANCE

Directrice : C.MOISAN (+332.
Directrice adjointe: M-A.GIROUX-METGES(+332.


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