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L'EA 4324  ORPHY (Optimisation des Régulations Physiologiques) étudie les mécanismes physiologiques participant ŕ l’optimisation des interactions organismes-milieu  Physiology Research Master  

Jean-Pierre Pennec

Assistant-Professor (HC) in physiology

EA 4324 ORPHY, Département de biologieUFR Médecine et Sciences de la Santé
Université de Bretagne Occidentale  (Brest)    
22 avenue Camille Desmoulins, CS 93837,
29238 - BREST cedex 3
Tel: 62


Scientific scope/ competences:

Study of the alterations of the membrane excitability and contractile capacity of skeletal muscles and heart related to the triggering of the polyneuromyopathy observed in intensive care units. More precisely, the role of several important factors (cytokines, sepsis) is taken into account. The approach particularly involves electrophysiological techniques such as patch-clamp.

Key words:
Muscle, heart, contraction, membrane excitability, voltage gated sodium channels (NaV), cytokines, Tumor necrosis factor alpha, IL13, electrophysiology, patch-clamp.


Partership, financed research projects:

Projet Nanotrans : program of the CNANO for Bio-electronics interface for neural cells using nanotechnologies (2010 - 2012) - Partenaires : Univ Caen/Rennes/Brest/ENS Cachan
Responsibility (at the UBO level) of 2 Tempus european programs for innovation in teaching methods  (e-learning, virtual reality), with P. Lyddyard (Westminster University - UK) and G. de Gasperis (l’Aquila University - It): (1) “Development of the e-learning and distance learning course and assessment in Biomedical Sciences in the Southern Caucasus”, Tempus- JPCR, n°158627 (2010 -2012). This program won the « Times Higher Education (THE) International Collaboration of the Year award » (London, 2012).
(2) “Establishment of Multidisciplinary Innovative Centres for the Development of Virtual Laboratories (MICVL) in Biology and Medicine”. Tempus-JPHES 543802. (started: 01/2014).

Project SFR ScInBios: determination of the origin of diaphragm fatigue during sepsis (2012- 2013 collaboration).
Project Nanotrans: program of the CNANO for Bio-electronics interface for neural cells using nanotechnologies (2010 - 2012) - collaboration: University of Caen/Rennes/Brest and ENS Cachan.



Recent publications:

  • The diaphragm is better protected from oxidative stress than hindlimb skeletal muscle during CLP-induced sepsis.  Talarmin H, Derbré F, Lefeuvre-Orfila L, Léon K, Droguet M, Pennec JP, Giroux-Metgès MA. Redox Rep. 2016 Sep 6:1-9. doi: 10.1080/13510002.2016.1223793. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Single Muscle Immobilization Decreases Single-Fibre Myosin Heavy Chain Polymorphism: Possible Involvement of p38 and JNK MAP Kinases. Derbré F, Droguet M, Léon K, Troadec S, Pennec JP, Giroux-Metges MA, Rannou F. PLoS One. 2016 Jul 6;11(7):e0158630.
  • Lebonvallet N, Pennec JP, Le Gall-Ianotto C, Chéret J, Jeanmaire C, Carré JL, Pauly G, Misery L. (2014) Activation of primary sensory neurons by the topical application of capsaicin on the epidermis of a re-innervated organotypic human skin model. Exp Dermatol. 2014 Jan;23(1):73-5.
  • Guillouët M, Rannou F, Giroux-Metges MA, Droguet M, Pennec JP.(2013) Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha induced hypoexcitability in rat muscle evidenced in a model of ion currents and action potential. Cytokine. 2013 Oct;64(1):165-71.
  • Guillard E, Gueret G, Guillouët M, Vermeersch V, Rannou F, Giroux-Metges MA, Pennec JP. (2013) Alteration of muscle membrane excitability in sepsis: possible involvement of ciliary nervous trophic factor (CNTF). Cytokine. 2013 Jul;63(1):52-7.
  • Lebonvallet N, Pennec JP, Le Gall C, Pereira U, Boulais N, Cheret J, Jeanmaire C, Danoux L, Pauly G, Misery L. (2013) Effect of human skin explants on the neurite growth of the PC12 cell line. Exp Dermatol. 2013 Mar;22(3):224-5.
  • Gueret G, Guillouet M, Vermeersch V, Guillard E, Talarmin H, Nguyen BV, Rannou F, Giroux-Metges MA, Pennec JP, Ozier Y. (2013) ICU acquired neuromyopathy. Ann Fr Anesth Reanim. 2013 Sep;32(9):580-91. Review.
  • Hanana H, Talarmin H, Pennec JP, Droguet M, Morel J, Dorange G. (2012) Effect of okadaic acid on cultured clam heart cells: involvement of MAP kinase pathways. Biol Open. 2012 Dec 15;1(12):1192-9.
  • Rannou F, Leschiera R, Giroux-Metges MA, Pennec JP. (2012) Effects of lactate on the voltage-gated sodium channels of rat skeletal muscle: modulating current opinion. J Appl Physiol. 2012 May;112(9):1454-65.
  • Droguet M, Devauchelle N, Pennec JP, Quinn B, Dorange G. (2012). Cultured heart cells from oyster: an experimental approach for evaluation of the toxicity of the marine pollutant tributyltin. Aquatic Living Resources, 25(2), 185-194.

Other responsibilities:

Member of the National council of the university (CNU) 66th section Physiology – Expert for the HCERES (2017)
member of the local ethical committee for animal experimentation (CEFEA) – President of the Brest University Sports Club.



Laboratoire ORPHY
UFR Sciences et Techniques, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

6 Av. Le Gorgeu  -  CS 93837
  29238 BREST Cedex 3   -   FRANCE

Directrice : C.MOISAN (+332.
Directrice adjointe: M-A.GIROUX-METGES(+332.


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