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Mechanisms underlying muscle adaptations to underuse

Mechanisms underlying muscle adaptations to underuse


We are also studying, on rat models, the fundamental mechanisms of adaptation of the muscle to changes in its mechanical operating conditions. Mechanical underutilization of the muscle results in effects similar to those observed with sepsis: atrophy, decreased strength, conversion to a faster contractile phenotype. But, in contrast to the decrease in membrane excitability observed on septic muscles, immobilization increases excitability by increasing the fast sodium currents.

In the same way, work in progress in humans aims to study the adaptations of contraction and phenotype of the underused thigh muscles after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (collaboration CHRU Brest-HIA Clermont-Tonnerre). A better understanding of the mechanisms and cellular pathways leading to changes in the contractile phenotype is an essential prerequisite for the search for molecules of therapeutic and / or preventive interest and new therapeutic strategies.


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